How to get rid of hivesHow to get rid of hives naturally

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Histamine is the body’s reaction to an allergen.  Allergens can be orally ingested such as with food or medicines, or they can be the body’s response to an outside stimulant. Sunlight, stress, changes or extreme temperatures or a topical application may be the cause for a manifestation of wheals.

These wheals, or welts, can be in clusters or occur singularly. They may fade over a time of a few hours, or can develop into a chronic case, which is over 6 weeks (which could be intermittent). So it is very important to help identify the source and eliminate the stressor when possible.

Medicinal teas to get rid of hives

Tea has had many medicinal uses in various cultures.  Use one teaspoon of each herb for each cup of hot tea and let it steep. Herbs based from leaf or flowers should steep about 10 minutes. Root herbs should steep for about twice that time. For the optimum benefit, it is recommended to drink 4 cups of tea per day while symptoms are evident.

  • Devils’ Claw tea

    Inflammation with skin lesions can be treated with Devil’s Claw tea. But those with blood sugar issues or that may be on a blood-thinning prescription, would not do well with harpagophytum procumbens.

  • Licorice root tea

    To boost your immune system’s fighting power for a quicker recovery and healing time, Licorice root tea is recommended. Licorice roots is also a very effective inflammatory, and for that reason patients with high blood pressure or edema should not take licorice root to get rid of hives. Certain diuretic medications such as warfarin have been reported as leading to complications, so do not mix the two.

  • Goldenseal tea

    If the hives seem to be allergen induced, Goldenseal tea would be the first treatment to try. It is traditionally regaled for its gastrointestinal benefits, but studies have placed Goldenseal at the forefront for patients in the fight against food allergies and allergic reactions due to ingestion. Goldenseal tea is known to reduce the histamines produced, and therefore the severity of symptoms as well as reduce the duration of the breakout episode.

  • Get rid of hives with green tea

    The best known in holistic treatments is Green tea. A common tea due to the many health benefits that come with its use, green tea has been a mainstay in many cultures for centuries.  Green tea has catechins, which help purge the blood of free radicals (including histamines) that are concentrated and it has been used to help ward off cancer, blood clots, diabetes, and in maintaining overall good health.

There are many effective alternative remedies that can be tried at home, to help eliminate symptoms before medical intervention may be needed. Unfortunately in the case of chronic idiopathic urticaria much of what is written about how to get rid of hives is wrong.